Zine Workshop at ILLIO on March 9th

I feel like I've talked with lots of people in Columbus who've been wanting to make a zine. But I think zines can feel like daunting projects without any solidarity--because when we look around, no one else seems to be making them! But there is an ever-expanding zine culture in Columbus, and I'd love if we could come together more often. In that spirit, I'm hosting a zine workshop on Friday March 9th at It Looks Like It's Open in Clintonville. It'll be a relaxed, fun time--where people can bring their projects to work on, whether they know exactly what they're doing, they need a little help, or they need a lot of help. You can learn new ways of getting creative, or talk to no one at all--it's your choice! If you have things to cut up--like old National Geographics, security envelopes, books with great illustrations, whatever--please bring them! Starts at 7 pm.